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We offer a full service facility, instruction and training

to fit your budget, schedule and goals.

Clinics offered:

  • Colt Starting

  • Basic Horsemanship

  • Barrel/Speed Events

  • Confidence on the Trail

  • Cow Working

Clinic Group

Each clinic will begin with a review of basic horsemanship.  Clear, easy to understand instruction ensures both horses and riders have a solid understanding of what is going to be expected of them before moving onto advanced maneuvers or obstacles.


Each clinic it tailored to the participants abilities and will consist of a limited number of participants. Clinic times will be from 9 am to 5 pm. Participants will be accepted in the order in which their applications are received. If the spots are filled, a waiting list, held with refundable deposits, will be made in the case of a cancellation. 

2, 3, and 4 day clinics offered.



Plus all travel expenses paid

Spectator - $30/Day

What you can expect.....

Basic Horsemanship

Learn an easier way to communicate with your horse.  Making your cues clear to the horse.  Teach them to be light and responsive.  Learn how to teach the horse to carry themselves properly, naturally, without gimmicks. 

Host Requirements: In or outdoor, arena or level field  

Barrel/Speed Events

Must have attended a Basic Horsemanship Clinic before participating in a Barrel/Speed Event Clinic.  

This clinic will have advanced maneuvers to better help horse and rider have straighter lines and more correct turns, making the patterns smoother and giving the rider faster times.

Host Requirements: Area to work with adequate footing

Confidence on the Trail

Must have attended a Basic Horsemanship Clinic before participating in a Confidence on the Trail Clinic.  

This clinic will cover various trail obstacles.  Learn how to positively encourage your horse through obstacles you are having trouble with.  Confidence building training to help horse and rider. 

Host Requirements: Obstacles onsite to practice

Cow Working

Must have attended a Basic Horsemanship Clinic before participating in a Cow Working Clinic.  

This clinic covers proper handling, position on the cow and herd work.  All skills covered are easily used in the sorting, penning or cutting pens.

Host Requirements: Area with adequate footing and cattle to use

Colt Starting

Learn the Clear Cut Horsemanship way to starting colts under saddle.  The first saddling, ground work, how Travis uses the bosal, how to properly and safely step in the saddle and asking for those first steps. 

Discussion on how to better sit a buck and not getting in a hurry and asking for more then the horse is ready for, keeping them confident under saddle and enjoying their new job.

Host Requirements: 40' round pen with adequate footing

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