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About the Program

Travis is an accomplished showman with NCHA earnings, LAE and weekend, and numerous year end club awards.

Travis has been starting colts for over 20 years and training cutting horses for almost as long.  He has trained and shown horses to earn AQHA points, NCHA money and many year end awards in Cutting, Barrel Racing and Ranch Riding.

Travis is consistently strived to better himself as a horseman, to help the horses he trains and the students he instructs during lessons and clinics.

The program is suited for all disciplines.  It makes confident trail mounts, handy partners for a long days work on the ranch or winning competitors in the show pen.  The solid foundation training horses receive in his program, works well for any discipline to continue on with.

His method is simple, clear and easy for rider and horse to understand.

Cutting Horse
Instant Travaler, owned by Kathleen Taylor
The Team
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Trainer in training

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Animal Welfare




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